Favourite Drugstore Makeup

DSC_0120My Favourite Drugstore Makeup – Base, Contour and Blush

We all know that luxury or high end makeup can be incredible but when we look at the price tag your heart skips a beat. I’ve been looking for the best makeup we can get just at our local drugstore that doesn’t cost the earth and preforms just as well as the high end market but that everyone can get their hands on!

To start with a base, one of my favourite foundations is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. This is a gel foundation containing vitamin rich fruit extracts which leaves a beautiful dewy finish. For those of you with oily skin this might not work for you as it is super moisturizing and may enhance the oils on your face but for the girls with dry/combination skin this would work wonders. Its a medium coverage foundation that is buildable. It claims to last up to 16hrs and although the staying power is good, I am sceptical that it would last that long. But I feel it is just an all round great foundation and at £10.99 a bottle it’s a fairly good price. It has 6 shades in the line and I find the lighter shades aren’t too orange for the paler skin. But keep your eyes out as it is usually on offer somewhere.

A great foundation for those with a more oily complexion is the L’Oreal  Infallible 24H Foundation.

You can get this foundation in different formulas for both dry and oily skin so there is a formula for everyone. It is enriched with Hyaluron and extreme holding pigments for a longer wear. It is cheaper the Bourjois at £9.99 and has 8 shades.

For concealer I have two clear favourites.

First up is my much loved Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. This is just a brilliant all round concealer for covering anything and everything. I do prefer to use it on blemishes instead of under the eyes as it is a thicker consistency but it does exactly what it says on the tube. At only £4.19 its a complete bargain and has 3 shades.

Another fabulous concealer is the Maybelline Age Rewind. This is my favourite concealer of all time for under the eyes. It counteracts the blue bags and completely conceals them. You do need to set this concealer with a power otherwise it will crease but apart from that I think it is an amazing formula. Super light and creamy and just glides on with a silky finish. Although the sponge applicator is not the most hygienic it still works well although I like to wipe some onto the back of my hand and use a brush to apply it. Its priced at £7.99 but I feel its worth every penny.

To set the makeup my two favourite powders are the Rimmel Stay Matte and the Collection Sheer Loose Powder. Both powders have a good range of colours and different types of finishes for different looks. I really like the Clear Complexion powder for Rimmel as it had a hint of colour just to make your makeup flawless. Although the Collection loose powder can be incredibly messy, once its on your face you can’t feel it and I find it is great for setting my concealer. The Rimmel powders are £3.99 and the Collection Powder is £2.99 so both are a really affordable price for a great product!

For sculpting and bronzing up my face I love the  Maybelline Master Sculpt. This comes with a contour shade and highlighter. It also has a brush and mirror compartment in the back for when you’re out and about (  although I have to say I never use the brush). I really like the contour shade as it’s not too warm and has a grey under tone which is great for creating that shadow. The highlight shade is beautiful and really gives a nice sheen to the face. It comes in two different shades and costs £6.99 which I think is a great price as your get both a highlight and a contour shade.

For blush I’m really in to the Pure Colour Blusher from Newlook. It has a really finely milled texture and is super soft. I find it leaves a really beautiful flush to the cheeks and is easily buildable for the desired colour. It does have tiny little bits of shimmer in it so if you don’t like that then this won’t be for you although I quite like it. At £6.99 I think its a great purchase!

SO those are my favourite drugstore products for your flawless face at the moment. I will be bringing out another post with my favourite eye products at the drugstore so keep and eye out for that.

I hope this has helped people find a cheaper alternative and to help things to feel a little more budget friendly. Hope you have enjoyed it!

See you soon




Getting rid of that dry skin!

At some point in your life time you will probably suffer from a little dry skin. Unfortunately for me, my skin type is dry/very dry.

For years I have been searching for a product to get rid of my dry skin. My worst place for getting dry skin is on my face, especially my forehead and around my nose. This means when I apply foundation it make my dry skin more visible and it doesn’t go on smoothly and ends up looking cakey and flaking off. But finally I have found a few products that really helps combat that dry skin and makes applying makeup fun instead of a mission!

The first product I use to prep my skin ready for makeup is the ‘Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm’.

This is an oil based cleanser with anti-oxidants and oatmeal powder. You first apply this product to a dry face and massage in. It’s really thick to start with and has a unique smell. Some people don’t like the smell but I really don’t mind it. Its has a gritty texture when first applied and then you gradually add water which dilutes it and turns into an oil. You then remove it with a damp muslin cloth or flannel and pat your face dry. It retails at £20.00 for 125ml.

I sometimes find other polishes to harsh and they make my skin red and blotchy but this is great for sensitive skin and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft.

After cleansing I apply a my moisturizer. The one I use is the ‘Eucerin Replenishing Face Cream’.

This cream is specially designed for dry skin. It contains 5%Urea. Urea has a very high water content which helps reduce the amount of water loss through the skin. Thankfully the Urea used in this product is not animal derived.

The replenishing face cream has a light consistency. I have often found with many moisturizer for dry skin that it leaves an almost greasy film on the face but this one really soaks into the skin nicely and leaves it feeling nourished and smooth. I bought it from Boots for £11.00 for 50ml and its is really worth every penny in my opinion.

The last product I use it the ‘Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum’.

You only need about two pumps of this product and just massage it into your face. This product is designed to even out your skin, to fill in any lines and to add a boost of radiance to your face. I got this as a sample bottle so I didn’t buy it, but it retails for £48.00 and that a 30ml bottle. It’s a bit pricey but it lasts a very long time.

Then my skin is ready to apply my makeup. I like that it is quick and easy so is great when you’re in a hurry. If I’m having a really dehydrated skin day I will also apply a little bit of coconut oil before applying my moisturizer and I find that really calms my DSC_0609skin down.

Hope this helps anyone who struggles with dry skin like myself.


My New Blog!

Hello everyone, my names Amara and I have set up this blog site to talk about everything beauty. For me, keeping my skin and hair in good condition is a must. This means I am constantly trying new product to see what works best for my skin/hair type.

I wanted to set up a blog so that I could share what works best for me and hopefully help others find what works best for them.

I hope you enjoy my blog!


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